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hello to all and I Hope all is well in This post I feel the need to talk about a hot button topic which is religion and spirituality but First of all in Order to be a true spiritual advisor you must respect every religion As a spiritual advisor I hear people say I am not religious but spiritual more and more as if there was talking about two different things but They are one of the same Spirituality is a Personal Spiritual experience That helps a person realize there is a higher power Whatever you might feel comfortable calling it The word God has been replaced with the word being and Prayer has been replaced with meditation and it’s Okay No matter what you believe in the bottom line is religion and spirituality is there to help you in your Life when and how you need it I Would like to have a Open Discussion About this topic and hear people’s experiences and preferences and what led each individual to their choice also if anybody has any questions please feel free to call email or comment me shay

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