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Shay’s Circle of Life is rated as the best  Tarot Reading Service in the Los Angeles County area.  Anyone who visit Shay’s office will be eligible for a Tarot Reading with no strings attached or time limit.  Shay’s Tarot Reading service is only available at the office.  For further information, please either email Shay or call her at (310)715-9535.

Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards, that are rich with symbology, color, astrology, and mystical and philosophical truths. The pictures and symbols, combined with conscious knowledge, open the door to our sub-conscious, revealing inner truths and a peak into the future. The deck of cards is broken into two “sections”. The Major Arcana and the The Minor Arcana

22 Cards make up the Major Arcana and they are numbered 0-21. These cards depict our journey through life and the path we have chosen in life, and the lessons we must experience before we become “self-actualized”. The remaining 56 cards are divided into suits, which is very similar to an ordinary deck of playing cards. There are also 4 court cards, (King, Queen, Knight, Page) which is represented by each suit. Upon studying a deck of cards, you may notice that there is a “series” of events that take place in each suit. As there is a series of events that lead up to and follow us through our daily lives. The Major Arcana depicts the greater and more spiritual energies that surround us. The cards hold many mysteries. The answers are right there in them.

The key to unlocking the future, is to understand the meaning of each card, and how it represents your state of being. Think of the cards, as a book, telling the story of one soul, and the things he encountered in his life’s journey. When doing a reading, or just answering one question, the position of the cards, and the combination of the cards is important.

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