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3rd Chakra: The Third Chakra is situated at the base of the Rib Cage

3rd Chakra The third chakra is situated at the base of the rib cage. This chakra is represented by the yellow Manipura mandala (jewel city) and is also symbolized by birds. It is the foundation of the metal body, and it enables us to pick up vibrations and essences from people, places and things, it Continue Reading
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2nd Chakra: The Second Chakra is known as the Sacral Plexus Chakra, Spleen Chakra or Sexual Chakra

2nd Chakra The second chakra is known as the sacral plexus chakra, spleen chakra or sexual chakra. It is situated in the lower abdomen behind and approximately two inches from the belly button, in the area of the womb. The chakra is represented by the orange Svadhistthana mandala (one’s own place), the element of water Continue Reading
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