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Free Tarot Reading Los Angeles

Shay’s Circle of Life is rated as the best Tarot Reading Service in the Los Angeles County area.  Anyone who visit Shay’s office will be eligible for a Tarot Reading with no strings attached or time limit.  Shay’s Tarot Reading service is only available at the office.  For further information, please either email Shay or call her at 323-246-4299.

I would like to invite you to experience the benefits of learning how Yoga and Chakra balancing go hand in hand along with spirituality. Although yoga is a very in Porten and powerful tool in my process; its only the steppingstone to your spiritual journey.

Imagine having your own personalized Yoga practice and Chakra balancing meditations designed specifically around you and your needs because only you’ll know your mind body and soul. With different techniques you can also learn to target specific Chacras at different times in your life.

If there is one thing we all can agree upon it is that no two people are the same. Therefore no two people should practice the same spiritual regiment. My one on one sessions allow me to assess each individual on a Physical, Emotional, Mental and spiritual level.